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CHILDLINE is a national, 24- hour, free emergency help line and outreach service for children in need of care and protection. CHILDLINE number 1098 is a toll free number that is common in all the cities of India. Example are as follows ; Dehradun (Mountain children’s foundation), Ambala ( Zilla Yuva Vikas Sangatan), Ludhiana ( Swami Ganga Nand Bhuri Wale International foundation), Agra (Chetana),Allahabad (Diocesan Development Welfare society), Delhi ( Salaam Baalak Trust , Don Bosco Ashalayam, Delhi brotherhood society ), Patiala ( Navjeevani school of special education,Society of welfare and handicapped ), Kanpur ( Subash children’s society), Gurgaon ( Shakti Vahini),Andaman ( Dweep prayas), Bangalore( Association for promoting social action,Bosco,Child right trust),Hyderabad ( Centre of social Initiative & Management ,Divya Disha,Society of integrated Development in Urban and Rural Area ),Kolkata ( Don Bosco ashyalyam, Cini Asha, citi level programme for street and working children, loreto day school,Society for educational & environment development). Chennai ( Department for social defence,Indian council for child Welfare, Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Youth centre, Mariyalaya,world vision India), Mumbai ( Yuva, Commited Communities for Development Trust).
In 1996, Mumbai launched CHILDLINE, the country's first toll-free tele-helpline for street children in distress. As of March 2011, total of 21 Million calls since inception have been serviced by CHILDLINE service and operates in 172 cities/districts in 30 States and UTs through its network of 415 partner organisations across India.

CHILDLINE is aims to reach out to the most marginalized children and provides interventions of shelter, medical, employment, protection from abuse by police, counseling, repatriation, rescue, death related, sponsorships, emotional support and guidance.

CHILDLINE often encounters call that required legal intervention while addressing the emergency needs of children and protecting their rights. Many a times, it is fair of the judicial system, lack of knowledge about procedures, lack of support system or simply getting stuck at what would seem as the simplest of procedures ; the fact however is that legal interventions has never been easy.

The idea of this manual germinated from such difficulties faced in handling calls. In same calls, hospital refused admission to medically ill children, police refused to act on sexual abuse charges, authorities dealt ineffectively with institutional abuse or the labour department turned a blind eye at the child labour. This manual serves as an insight into the legal responsibilities of varied allied systems that came in contact with a child, besides outlining intervention guidelines for call that required legal inputs and procedures.

This manual is a result of various discussions held at different CHILDLINE partnership meets and forums, where the team shared their experiences, problems and concern with respect to the legal system.

Therefore it is recommended that the team member discuss the nature and implications of legal interventions within the team and with the child before going ahead with legal action.

CHILDLINE constantly intervenes to ensure children their rights. CHILDLINE has been given special mention under the juvenile justice (care and protection of children) act 2000.Under this Act. CHILDLINE is empowered to produce a child in need of care and protection before the child welfare committee. Other voluntary organisation or agencies not so recognized can approach CHILDLINE to safe guard the interests of children requiring care and protection.

It is also very important for CHILDLINE activists to identify advocates in their region who will provide the legal support in complex cases. It is essential for a CHILDLINE volunteer to have some basic knowledge of law as many queries require a prompt legal response; initial action taken can make or break a case. Improper handling at the initial stage could cause irreparable damage to the child.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, has appointed CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) as the nodal agency for initiating and sustaining CHILDLINE's across the nation.

CHILDLINE 1098 service is a 24 hour free emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection. CIF undertakes replication of CHILDLINE, networking and facilitation, training, research and documentation, and Communications and Strategic Initiatives both at the national and international level.

This is a project supported by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development and linking state Governments, NGOs, bilateral /multilateral agencies and corporate sector . CIF is responsible for the establishment of CHILDLINE centres across the country. CIF also functions as a national centre for awareness, advocacy and training on issues related to child protection.

Child protection issues;

• Abuse & Violence
• Trafficking
• Child Labour
• Conflict with Law
• Child Marriage
• Without Parental Care
• Street Children
• Birth Registration
• Armed Conflicts
• Disability
• Drug Abuse
• Girld Child
• Missing Children

CHILDLINE India was awarded the 'Highest Pledge Raising NGO' at the Mumbai Marathon held on 20th of January 2008. This year a large number of people ran for CHILDLINE and raised funds for CHILDLINE. They were visible with their bright green CHILDLINE T Shirts and their CHILDLINE flags and banners.

CHILDLINE India Foundation has been awarded the National award in the Medium sized NGOs category by the Resource Alliance Indian NGO Award for 2007. CHILDLINE was the regional finalist from Western Region. At the national level the award was a tie between Banyan Tree and CIF.The process for selection took nearly three months and involved submissions, interviews, evaluations at our office, etc.

Chosen as finalists for the Bombay Community Public Trust award, 2004 for excellence among voluntary organizations in Mumbai which had a theme of Knowledge sharing & Project Documentation

CHILDLINE India Foundation was among the top three finalists for the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project 2004 at the Global Development Network's Sixth Annual Development Conference at Dakar, Senegal

The Agfund Award, 2003 - CHILDLINE received the Agfund International prize for pioneering developmental Project in 2003 in recognition of its distinguished role in the field of protection of child against abuse and negligence
The Child Rights and Child Protection (CRCP) section is to provide a comprehensive base of knowledge regarding CRCP in India, regionally and internationally. The section is for students, scholars, field workers, CHILDLINE staff and partners, and people generally interested in CRCP. The section discusses the various issues faced by children in the world and specifically in India. It outlines the various policy, legislature, programmes and budgetary allocations for children in India and connects these efforts to state, national, regional and international bodies and commitments. The section also brings you an extensive library of downloadable files. The purpose of this section is to locate crucial information about CRCP in one space so as to make understanding and internalizing the concepts and commitments of this country and the world a simple process that is available to all.

According to same we discuss , we hope this manual is of use to not only CHILDLINE team but to other child rights activists as well, who work towards protecting children in needs of care and protection.

So if YOU see a child in distress, Call 1098!