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Sant Kabir Academy

Our school motto "DAYA SARAV KA MOOL" is based upon the two core values of respect and responsibility. Respect includes qualities such as kindness, compassion and consideration, while responsibility is based upon honesty, excellence, obedience, duty and sustainability. All the staff members and students of the school are expected to keep the school motto always uppermost in their minds and ensure standard of excellence in all their day activities to ensure success and happiness in their day to day life. We believe that true education should produce balanced personality in whom intellectual, emotional and spiritual values are harmoniously developed. Therefore, all the learning programmes in the school are structured to inculcate these values in the learners.

All students of academy pledged to uphold:

- Personal Honesty and Truthfulness
- Academic Integrity
- Respect for Others
- Uphold reverence for parents, elders and honor for dignity of all individuals.
- Communication and social skills along with analytical abilities.
- Developing respect and regard towards Indian culture and way of life.
- Inculcating and affinity towards a disciplined and regulated life.
- Self-confidence with faith in God.

Our Aims & Objectives

1. To ensure the existence and promotion of an ethos which delivers social justice through mutual respect and tolerance of, and for each other, leading to self enrichment gained from understanding differences embraced within our community.

2. To provide the opportunity for every student to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that will prepare them for their chosen path into, and through adult life, able to accept fully that every right has, in equal measure, an associated responsibility.

3. To create and sustain an environment that empowers every member fo the school staff to operate as effectively as possible, able to rely upon the support of sound and strategic leadership and management.

4. to promote creativity, flair, imagination and expression within the curriculum and beyond, in such a way as to encourage every member of the school community to explore their own potential in a motivated, responsive and inspirational manner

5. To work in partnership with our parents through effective communication and transfer of information in such a way that will fadilitate mutual support, and ultimately, the development of every individual to the full.
6. Ensure high standards of work, behaviour, dress and achievement for all pupils; & to develop cheerful, hardworking, honest, fit, healthy and well behaved young adults.

7. To produce people willing and able to play an active and positive role in a rapidly changing world & to develop pupils sense of respect for themselves and others by providing opportunities for pupils to develop their own spiritual and moral capacities.
8. Encourage pupils to accept their responsibilities to themselves, the school, the local and wider communities and to develop continually as an organization committed to learning for pupils, staff and the local community.

Our Core Belief:

- Individual accountability
- A positive belief in people
- Respect and dignity for all
- The power of teamwork and cooperative learning
- An organized, respectful environment within which learning is nurtured.